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Why your next website should be built with Wix. Using our Designers.

It’s no secret that Wix wasn’t the best website builder back when it first launched WAY BACK in 2006. A lot of the website builder comparisons out there are extremely dated, are are referencing old information from back when the company first launched 14 years ago.

To set the record straight, we wanted to share a list of factual reasons why you should build your website with Wix. This is really just a short list of all the great things that come with any Wix website. If you are looking for some of the best Wix website designers, we encourage you to check out our Website Design service page where we have upfront pricing.

We build with a lot of website platforms, but Wix is our #1 go-to for most websites, but remember that the website platform that’s best for you depends on your needs. Call us if you need help!

Reasons why you should use Wix.

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