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Why is Photography ESSENTIAL?

Let’s Be Real!

What kind of photos are you posting and are they getting the attention you want? 

Don’t beat yourself up on what can be an easy fix. 

Say it with me… 


Photography is ESSENTIAL to a business and generating content can be hard when you don’t have original photos. 

Let’s be real… NO ONE wants to see stock photos. It’s unoriginal and turns people away. 

The audience wants to see who and what is behind the social media account. 

Professional photographers can capture the essence of your business that customers want to connect with. 

Not to use the scare tactic BUTPhotography can make you or break you. As a business you want GROWTH and OPPORTUNITY. A good photo is shared and admired while a stock photo looks like spam. This is another talking point on what can set you apart from competitors and lucky for you it’s not difficult.

For example, Instagram food accounts. We love love love to see food but again, only if it looks appetizing. The content quality should be so exquisite the individual viewing the photo can taste it. 

Quality is not understood when it comes to photos, businesses may think that as long as they are posting consistently then people will pay attention. 

However, in reality it will turn into how many times you can post the same spam before people unfollow your business account. No one can connect with ‘spam looking’ content because it looks like every other social media account. 

Original content of the faces people see when they walk into your business or the food they plan to eat will be more familiar to the targeted audience. Photos draw in customers and keep them coming back for more. 

How many times have you heard the saying “a picture speaks a thousand words”? IT’S TRUE!

Appealing photos speak for themselves and build your overall image. 

Photography is where it’s at!

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