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Why Hire a Social Media Manager? 

10 Benefits of Hiring a Social Media Manager for your Business 

Social media has been around for about 40 years… remember MySpace?  Yeah, me neither. It is unheard of if you don’t have social media accounts but I COMPLETELY understand if you want to be off the grid. However, a business needs social media to stay alive and relevant. For a business it is ideal to be on as many platforms as possible that will benefit and spread brand awareness. A social media manager will assist you with that and more! 

  1. Time is Money  A social media manager can save you a crazy amount of time. It is hard to look at your business and see what is working at what isn’t. A social media manager is an expert and can figure out your company’s strengths and weaknesses regarding social media. As an owner or manager, you know that time is valuable. Social media is time consuming if there is no sense of direction but to hire an expert is feasible. 
  2. Money is Time If you are wasting your time then you’re wasting your money. Advertising costs are an arm and a leg for them to not be successful. Using social media the organic way is easier, obtainable and it becomes less stressful for the business when they have a social media manager to take it off their hands.  After just two benefits it’s a no brainier! A social media manager will only make your life easier… but a few more reasons won’t hurt.  
  3. Creating a Strategy There is more to just posting content. A social media manager will sit down with you and come up with a strategy months in advance with flexibility. A strategy is there to plan ahead and achieve goals.  
  4. Brand Awareness Brand awareness might be the reason you hire a social media manager in the first place. If there is no brand or growth then something has to change. Social media managers know the nooks and crannies of the internet and how to build a strong brand to be noticed.  
  5. Consistency  Consistency is a big deal in social media. If you don’t have the time to dedicate a few hours to digital needs then you may need a social media manager. Posting consistently is key and the actual posts themselves need to be consistent. The content has to make sense to your brand and past posts.  
  6. Attract New Customers Social media managers have a creative side. They know how to get an audience excited and engaged. Social media is the ultimate form of “word of mouth” which leads to new customers. The more engaged you are with your customers, leaves others wondering what they are missing out on.  
  7. Gather and Analyze Data Gathering and analyzing data is one of the most important tasks that a social media manager does. If there is no data, there is no way of knowing how to improve. A social media manager will run reports and break them down for you to understand. If what you are doing is not working, that’s fine because you have a social media manager!  
  8. Maintain a Reputation  A social media manager is on the clock almost 24/7. They HAVE to because the client’s reputation (your brand’s reputation) is on the line. If there is any bad PR when you’re snoozing away… who’s going to catch it? The SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER. It is their job to make sure the name of the brand is well established and maintained.   
  9. They Keep you up to Date  Trends are always changing or coming back. To be involved with social media, you have to be up to date on what the ‘cool kids’ are doing. Most people on social media are on their phones more than they would like to admit. A social media manager knows ways to cut through the noise that will get your brand noticed.   
  10. Innovation! A social media manager will bring fresh eyes to your brand inside and out. They won’t know the culture that others are used to but they will go in with innovative ideas!   

A social media manager is worth having!

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