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What is SEO Cloaking?

SEO Cloaking is the act of showing different content to human users and search engines.

SEO Cloaking is a clear violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, as it creates a scenario where users do not receive the expected search result. Just about any attempt to “trick“ search engines would be considered a violation of these policies. Microsoft has a similar policy which goes into even more detail if you’re curious.

Google talks more about SEO Cloaking here.

What you should do instead.

Don’t try to trick search engines…

Instead, focus on providing the most accurate and complete content you can. Focus on one topic per blog post or website page. Do your best to fill out the SEO settings of every page on your website accurately. Search engines are always working to help users get the best result possible for their search queries, and if you want to rank highly, you should be doing the same.

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