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What is Local SEO?

Local SEO, or Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is the ability of a website or web page to attain visibility and user impressions on search engines within a given local area.

This applies to everything from social media profiles to websites and forum posts. There’s a multitude of ways to improve your visibility to users searching within your local area. We’ll discuss everything you need to know about local seo in this post without the fluff so you can start improving.

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What is Local SEO?

Why is Local SEO relevant today?

If we go back in time, search engines used to not be as complex as they are today. Nowadays, in order for a search engine to be competitive, it has to provide the most relevant search results to users. It’s a pretty straightforward concept, but you have to understand how users are searching. How many times this past year have you searched for something you need and the first results show up on a map pack. Here’s an example:

What is Local SEO

It’s important that search engines make their platforms intuitive and easy for users to find exactly what they’re searching for. Local SEO or local search engine optimization allows for search engines to show search results closest and most convenient to users.

There’s a series of things that you can do to help rank your Google My Business listing. The most important things you can do to improve your local SEO include: ranking your website in the regular search results, getting more positive Google reviews, syncing your Name/Address/and Phone Number (NAP) across all of your other listings, building more local listings across multiple sites or platforms, and get direct traffic locally.

We’ll take just a moment to discuss direct traffic because it’s super important. Direct traffic is traffic to your website from people typing your website into the URL bar directly and going directly to your site. This is important because it signals to search engines that your website is a quality, authoritative site.

Without “authority” your site will have a lot of difficulty ranking. You can improve your site’s authority by increasing the number of links on other websites to yours and ranking for more keywords in search results.

What does Local SEO accomplish?

To put it plainly, Local SEO helps you get local users to find and click on your website and profiles. It’s obvious that ranking within your local area can dramatically bring growth to your business. People like to do business and transactions closest to where they live. We know that over 60% of local searches are performed within the home in which the person lives. So we know that the majority of local searches are from local people who will likely return to your business repetitively.

Additionally, nearly 80% of people use Google Maps to find “near me” businesses, and nearly 18% use Apple Maps! The majority of these searches are on mobile devices. That’s literally 98% of all users surfing the internet performing local searches!

Ranking in your local area will bring in more phone calls, more in-store visits, and more qualified website traffic.

8 actionable steps to improving your Local SEO.

Here are the first steps you can take to start improving your Local Search Engine Optimization (Local SEO):

  1. Improve your Technical SEO first. This will set your website up for success from the get-go. Without nailing down the fundamentals of having a website that’s easily found and categorized by search engines your efforts will be nearly useless.
  2. Create local content on your website. We recommend starting a blog and creating content focused around your product and targeting keywords that include the city or town of which you reside and those surrounding towns or cities. Ex: “Marketing Agency in Prosper Texas”, “Things to do in Prosper Texas”, “Prosper SEO”, etc. Create a single page (or post) for each keyword you target.
  3. Optimize the content you create for search. This seems obvious, but you can’t just create content and hope it ranks. You need to optimize your URL structure, your Image ALT tags, content links, and more in order to rank. We use a few additional tactics to help our content rank.
  4. Build backlinks to your content and website in general. This is a crucial step in helping you both rank and improve the authority of your website. Find local blogs or sites that allow you to publish comments and links. You’ll want to link to both your homepage and the content itself. As for how many links you need, the answer is that there’s no limit…
  5. Get direct local traffic to your content. If you’re any self-respecting business owner you want to drive traffic to your business and website from multiple sources. We recommend running a guerilla marketing campaign, or if you’re lazy like us you can run display ads! There are many options to drive local traffic as well, like community magazines for example, but we’ve heard some horror stories about ROI with magazines so be wise and do a trial run. We like to drive direct traffic with email campaigns and display ads since they’re more affordable, scalable, measurable, and we can have unmatched targeting options unlike other forms of advertising. Check out our Paid SEO (PPC) for more.
  6. Rinse and repeat. Making consistent and quality additions to your website is a surefire way to signal to search engines that your website is very much alive and active. This is important because search engines want to provide users with relevant results. So stay relevant. As an added bonus, if you keep making content and you follow this list, your Local SEO should take off!
  7. Content isn’t everything, you’ll need to create listings in local directories. Local directories help your business or website get found in other places of the internet users might be searching within. Consider creating social media accounts and regularly posting with links to your content. In order to drive traffic to your social profiles and social media content, check out our social media service. We have a proprietary system that creates and syncs your business information across the internet’s most popular directories, it’s only $100/month and it’s a no-brainer for any business. If your info is inconsistent you will have more difficulty ranking than if your information is consistent. Sign up for our Local SEO service here if you haven’t already.
  8. Monitor and adjust as needed. If all goes well and you’re implementing Local SEO properly and consistently you should begin to rank. Nothing can guarantee that you’ll rank #1 in your local area, but look who is ranking higher than you and see what you can do to rank as they do. Perhaps their content is of higher quality, maybe they have more words, more images, or videos.

We know Local SEO.

What is Local SEO
We Rank #1Serious business owners hire us for real results. If you’re going to hire a company for your Local SEO, you should probably first make sure they can rank themselves in their own industry that they’re claiming to be experts in. We do.Ranking for Local SEO makes us an authority when it comes to the topic, the same should be said about you if you’re an expert in your field. When people type in “What is Local SEO” to Google or any other search engine we want to make sure we populate as a top result. In part, because we want to get business from people needing Local SEO for their business, but also because we want to let search engines know that this is actually a topic we know a lot about! How else is Google going to know if we don’t provide the information they need to know.

Our Strategy for Local SEO Success

1. Schedule a Call.

When you know you need to talk to an expert, we’re here to answer your questions and curiosities.

2. Custom Strategy.

By the time we finish our call, and you share with us your goals, you’ll have an outline for SEO success.

3. Higher Rankings.

Start generating more traffic and interest to your business and get returns from your investment.

What is Local SEO?
See what’s Included in our Local SEO Listing Management Service. Create Listings across dozens of directories and local search engines throughout the internet. Claim or Remove duplicate listings. Update your business information (hours, logos, service or product details, etc.) Proactively optimize your listings for search performance to drive more customers. Provide an initial report to show your previous and new listings after starting with us. Provide additional reports as needed. * Local Digital Marketing Campaign Ads *
What is Local SEO?
What is Local SEO?
What is Local SEO?

It’s All About ROIAt the end of the day, and if you’ve made it this far, you already know Search Engine Optimization is important to your business. Know that there’s not another team of Local SEO experts out there that are as passionate about your success as we are.Our price for Local SEO is 1/4th of our North Texas agency competitors for a bold reason, we simply want small businesses to win and succeed in today’s digitally flooded environment.

Local SEO Pricing

Give us a call at 972.571.6777 and one of our Local SEO Managers will be able to guide you through your decision, and build you a custom plan if you need one. You can also send us an email at


Seriously. That’s the price.

+ Local Search Advertising (Ad Expense + 10%)

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