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What is Brand Identity? 

What is Your Color Pallet?

There is more to building a brand than a website or a simple ad on Facebook. It is personal and essentially a version of who you are and what your company stands for. 

If you had to look at yourself in the mirror, what would you see and how does that reflect how you do business? A STRONG brand identity is the first step to success in an upcoming business or designing a re brand. 

Take a step back and look at your values and how you can use them to enhance your brand. What is your color pallet? What shape comes to mind when you say your company’s name? As bizarre as those questions may seem, it is that type of thinking that will set you apart from a competitor. 

Be transparent with your brand and open up to your audience. The people want to know what your product or service is but also, why they should pick you over someone else.

Once you have the why then potential customers can put a face to the brand. A face? Yes, a face that says “choose me”. It will surprise you what people are attracted to.

Let’s go back to the color pallet question and why that matters to your brand identity.  If someone were to ask you what the color yellow means to you, you might respond happy or sunny. We can go through every color and you will have at least one thing that resonates with you when that color comes to mind.

Brand identity is about creating a connection with your target audience. Like mentioned before, it is personal. The brand identity should give the customer the feeling that they belong. 

MOST IMPORTANTLY… stay consistent! Brand identity is not meant to be changed everyday. 

Think about your home and how you have everything placed the way you like it. Then after 5 years, SOMEONE  ELSE comes in and moves things around. 

Trust and comfortableness are gone because now it is all new and it does not look or feel like it used to. You can change it back but for some reason it won’t be the same. 

Be memorable because word of mouth is powerful. If consumers can associate themselves with your brand then they will tell their friends, family, and coworkers. 

So memorable that you force someone to write a GOOD review on Yelp and that is hard to do. 

Logos, color pallet, language, templates…

This idea is all about how you want others to perceive your business and it isn’t easy. BUT it is extremely important. 

Make your audience feel comfortable and welcomed with unique visuals that provide you with a competitive edge

The easiest way to start looking in the mirror is to look at who you are selling to. What is their color pallet? After all, your consumers come first and without them there is no business. 

Eventually, the goal is to have your target audience see your color pallet/vibe and associate it with your brand. 

~Be the cherry apple red to Coca-Cola.

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