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We Rank 1st and 2nd on Google for “Prosper SEO” – Here’s How.

We accomplished this within a single week. Without any fluff, let’s talk about how we went about accomplishing this impressive feat.

1. Search “Prosper SEO” on Google.

That’s right! We searched for the keyword we wanted to rank for directly into Google’s search engine. One by one, we clicked on each website that organically ranked on the first page. Using our secret suite of paid SEO tools, we are able to track key metrics for each of the websites (in general) and website pages that ranked (more specific).

2. List Metrics for Each Ranking Page.

While completing the search for “Prosper SEO”, we manually write down key metrics that we find from each of the ranking pages. Some of our SEO experts do this by hand with pen and paper, others with excel sheets. Either way, this is just to provide us with an idea of what types of pages Google is looking for to rank, and it can potentially present an opportunity for us to build a page that’s better optimized for what Google is looking to rank. HOWEVER, it’s important to look at the host website as a whole (EX: backlinks, total website pages, bounce rating, loading speed, DA ranking, etc).

3. Brainstorm Content Outline.

At the end of the day, Google is wanting to provide the most accurate and valuable website page to the users in response to what they are looking for. When someone searches Prosper SEO, they’re clearly looking for SEO services provided in Prosper Texas. When brainstorming an outline for “Prosper SEO” we wanted to not only prove to Google that we provide SEO services in Prosper, but that we are the best option for providing SEO services in Prosper. It sounds like a challenge! Honestly, when equipped with all the info from researching the other pages that are ranking we already had a few ideas.

One of our personal goals in building the page was to create some trust and brand equity while conquering sales hurdles. We wanted to answer potential questions before the customer calls AND make them feel comfortable that they know the people they are calling.

4. Break the Outline into 5 Variations.

This is something that not everyone does, but we do it and we find that it’s a lifesaver. Nobody knows exactly what Google is looking for when they’re going to rank a page 1st for any given keyword. Google doesn’t even know! It’s a constantly changing relationship… However, we can do our best to circumvent this by providing Google multiple options for any given keyword. When we want to rank first for ourselves OR our clients, we try to create 5 landing pages for a specific keyword.

We accomplish this more easily by creating “content blocks”. These are basically individual paragraphs that talk about a specific topic relative to the keyword we are trying to rank for. We create one page with all of the content blocks, and then we take those blocks and interchange them in website pages of various sizes.

5. Make Every Page Unique.

So, we created 5 pages for “Prosper SEO”, and some of the content is reused in each of the pages, but it’s our content. Google won’t flag this as plagiarized, at least not yet. Since we do predict that Google will make reusing content bad, we combat this by changing some sentence structure and wording, in addition to adding a content block unique only to that page.

6. Proofread and Publish.

Simple. Check your work for grammar issues and typos before submitting it to Google. We use a paid Grammarly subscription to proofread our written content. We recommend everyone else do the same. We can tell you how many times we outranked a LARGE competitor simply because of grammar issues on their landing pages…

7. Drive Direct Traffic.

You built it, but they won’t come until you tell them to! Google grants instant authority to those that can drive direct traffic to their landing pages. Period. We drove traffic to our “Prosper SEO” landing page by simply asking our audience on social media to do so! That’s right! We are sharing our SEO journey with others, and by including them we hope to educate and provide ourselves as an SEO resource. However, not all businesses can do this… A jeweler, for example, would simply create a social media post related to the landing page, potentially use the post on the landing page, and include a link to the landing page in their post. For Instagram links, we use a unique tool that allows for each individual post to have its own link! Pretty cool.

8. Monitor and Modify.

SEO is a constant battle. We’ve started ranking on the first page of Google for multiple keywords. We’ve even started ranking first for many of them. However, not all of the pages kept their #1 ranking. Why? Because Google is constantly monitoring the competition, and the competition (if they’re paying attention) will modify their pages if they see that they lost a ranking. SEO savvy businesses won’t like having a “new kid on the block” (you), so you’ll have to prove yourself as a formidable opponent to both Google and your competitors.

If you need help with your SEO efforts, or you’d like to speak with an SEO expert, give us a call at (972) 571-6777 or send an email to

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