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Truck Driving School Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Truck Driving School SEO

As of writing this article, there are 21.8 thousand searches per month for “truck driving school” online. If you have a truck driving school, it’s imperative that you rank highly on search engines to generate new customers. If you’re looking to optimize your truck driving school’s online presence for search, you’re in the right place. In this post, we’ll discuss everything entailed with ranking your truck driving school.

Online search volumes for truck driving schools

Why Your Truck Driving School Needs SEO.

truck driving school keyword variations

We already know there are a lot of searches for “truck driving school”, but that’s just one specific search. If you combine all the different variations people are searching for “truck driving school”, there are 12.9 thousand different variations, totaling 184.4 thousand searches every month!

If your business listing or website isn’t ranking high enough on search engines, this is the amount of search traffic you’re missing out on. So take a good hard look at your website analytics and see how much traffic you’re driving.

While it is unrealistic to think you can get all of this search traffic, there’s no reason you can’t have a ‘piece of the pie’.

If anything, it’s important to rank in your local area. Considering that getting a CDL requires a driving test, we’re going to assume that your driving school might require in-person attendance. Ranking locally is easier than ranking nationally, or globally.

Understanding The SEO Basics

We talk extensively on our blog about SEO techniques and other SEO-related topics, but let’s talk about some of the general things that we know for a fact will help improve the SEO of your truck driving school.

  1. Business Listings In order to be found online, you must be online. You’d be surprised how many different places you can list your business online. Ultimately, it’s important to be found where people are searching. The number one place where we recommend you list your business is Google My Business. As a rule of thumb, whenever you create your listings be sure to add all of the information each online directory asks for. This might include some photos of your business, so be prepared to provide those. It’s most important to provide these online directories with the most accurate and complete information. Keep track of what information you’re entering into these online directories; it’s important that the information is the same on all of them. The fastest way to create your listings in bulk is by using an aggregate service such as Yext Listings. This is something that we include in our Local SEO Service. You need to understand that it’s the job of every search engine to provide the best and most complete solution to what users are searching for. By having more listings with accurate information across the internet, you are providing more complete and accurate results to search engines like Google. This will help you rank higher!
  2. Website Clean Up Since we don’t want to get into too many little details, we’ll put this in layman’s terms. Your website should be visually appealing, load fast, communicate your truck driving school clearly, and work seamlessly on all devices. If it doesn’t accomplish those things you need to make some updates to your site. There are more technical aspects of SEO that your website should implement if it wants to be more competitive. If you’re curious to see what technical SEO updates are necessary to rank your website higher, use our SEO service. The last thing to “clean up” on your website is your conversion optimization. This means you must make it intuitive and easy for someone to contact your truck driving school. That’s all. If you’re curious to know more about conversion optimization, we found a great resource here.
  3. Driving Direct Traffic If you’re wanting to improve the SEO of your truck driving school and compete with more established schools, you’ll need to prove to Google that you have some sort of “authority“. Much like in the real world, some people won’t take you seriously unless you can prove that you have something of value. By driving direct traffic to your site, you are sending positive signals to Google that people are interested in what your business has to offer, and therefore your business is important. In simpler words, direct traffic proves to search engines that your truck driving school is legitimate.
  4. Answer Questions Think of everything someone might possibly ask you about your truck driving school business. Write down all of these questions, and congratulations, you now have a list of questions people might search online if they were in the market to join a school. You should answer these questions on your website blog. If you don’t have a blog, make one if you want to improve your SEO. A blog provides a streamlined way to upload new content to your website. It also provides an easy way for users to explore your website, and the longer someone spends on your website, the better SEO performance you will see.
  5. Follow the Rules If you want to rank higher on search engines, you must follow their guidelines. As a general rule of thumb, if you’re following Google’s Webmaster Guidelines you should be good to go on just about all other search engines. Google does a great job of explaining what you should and should not do in order to rank highly. Generally speaking, there are no shortcuts when it comes to improving the SEO performance for your truck driving school. Content shouldn’t be written by A.I. or automated means, backlinks should not be purchased unless they are no-follow backlinks, and if you go to buy an SEO service that seems too good to be true it probably is. If you are curious to see what a good SEO service looks like, we encourage you to explore our SEO Service page.

SEO for Truck Driving Schools

Our favorite part about SEO is that there are zero secrets. If you’re curious to see what good truck driving school SEO looks like, we ran reports on two high-performing websites you might be familiar with. Feel free to download and view the reports for yourself.

You can see that both websites are driving substantial amounts of traffic every month. Additionally, you can see that there are two important factors in the report. The important factors include the total number of keywords and backlinks.

  • In order to rank for more keywords, you need to have more content on your site.
  • In order to have more backlinks, your need more websites linking to yours.
160 Driving Academy Traffic Analytics

Our research on 160 Driving Academy revealed that a lot of their traffic is “branded traffic”. Branded Traffic is much like the ‘direct traffic’ we discussed earlier in this post. This means that both of these driving schools are driving much of their traffic outside of organic search!

This means that they are relying on real-world marketing to drive the majority of their website traffic. If you remove the branded traffic volumes, their site generates roughly 24.3 thousand new visitors every month through organic SEO.

CDL Training Today Traffic Analytics

CDL Training Today has virtually no branded traffic.

This means that almost 100% of their website traffic is generated from organic online searches.

It’s estimated that their website generates 14.8 thousand new visitors every month.

Upon closer inspection, we actually think CDL Training Today is a premium listing service. This is a site where businesses must provide some kind of compensation to the website for being listed. Regardless, their website is ranking for keywords that any truck driving school would want to target in their SEO strategy.

Truck Driving School SEO Conclusion

It’s extremely clear that there are a lot of organic search traffic opportunities for truck-driving schools. Savvy business owners should work to improve their search rankings using the methods and research we’ve provided as a general guide. If you ever need help with your SEO strategy or implementation, schedule a call with an SEO expert to learn how we can help.

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