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Top 5 Social Media Techniques for Higher Rankings

Let’s face it, in this digital world, SEO and social media go together like marshmellows and campfires. Now, I’m not saying that Google ranks your website higher based on the number of likes your latest tweet got.

But I am saying that social media techniques for higher rankings exist, and they work by creating an online environment that’s just too delicious for search engines to ignore.

How Social Media and SEO Interact

Social media can help SEO, not in the “more retweets = better Google rank” way, but by creating signals that search engines can recognize. Remember, search engines aim to show the most relevant and popular content. And guess what shows relevancy and popularity? Shares, likes, comments, and yes, even those angry reaction emojis.

In our early days, we published a blog post on one of our clients websites called “The Art of Making Sourdough Bread.” It was an instant hit on their Facebook page. People shared it, tagged their friends, and soon enough, we started seeing a traffic influx to our clients website. Slowly but surely the blog post rose higher in the rankings until it reached #3!

Five Techniques to Boost SEO Performance through Social Media

Now, let’s get to what you’re really here for – the five social media techniques for higher rankings.

Technique 1: Developing a Strong Social Media Presence

Just like how your mom nagged you about making a good first impression, your brand needs to do the same on social media. A consistent brand image across platforms helps to build familiarity and trust with your audience. Post regularly and engage with your followers. Remember, it’s called ‘social’ media for a reason.

In our experience, when we started engaging more with our clients audience, responding to their comments, and occasionally throwing in a meme or two, we saw an increase in shares and a broader reach. And, you guessed it – better SEO performance!

Technique 2: Leveraging Social Media for Link Building

If content is king, then distribution is queen. And the queen who knows her kingdom well, knows how valuable social media is. Sharing your content on social platforms can earn you valuable backlinks.

We once shared a blog post on ‘The Future of Digital Marketing’ on Reddit, and guess what? It got picked up by a major marketing site that linked back to us. This not only gave us a valuable backlink but also improved our SEO rankings for that blog post.

Technique 3: Using Social Media Platforms for Keyword Optimization

Next on our list of social media techniques for higher rankings is keyword optimization. Social media is a gold mine for discovering new keywords. We call it social listening. By paying attention to how your audience communicates, you can discover new keyword opportunities.

We recommend searching for trending topics on each respective social media platform. If there’s something big happening on any particular day, you might notice the same topic on multiple platforms. However, pay attention because the exact phrasing of the same trending topic on different platforms is likely unique.

A few years ago, while scanning through our Twitter mentions, we noticed that a significant number of users were discussing ‘voice search optimization.’ We saw the trend, created content around it, integrated the keywords into our social media posts, and the results were fantastic – better visibility of our content and real traffic to our site.

Technique 4: Employing Social Media to Boost Local SEO

Did you know that your social media activities could improve your local SEO?

We once worked with a coffee shop that regularly posted photos of their coffee on Instagram with location tags. They also encouraged their customers to leave reviews on their Facebook page. Fast forward a few months, and they’re now ranking #1 on Google for ‘coffee shop in Plano.’

Technique 5: Maximizing the Power of Social Media Influencers

Last but not least our social media techniques for higher rankings is working with influencers. Now, we all know influencers can boost brand visibility. But did you know they could also help with SEO?

We once collaborated with an influencer who created a YouTube video for us. She mentioned our website as a reference, linked our website in the description, and voila! We got high-quality traffic and saw a boost in the SEO performance of the article she linked to.

Implementation for Optimal Performance

Now that you know the five social media techniques for higher rankings, it’s time to put them to use.

Develop a comprehensive social media and SEO strategy, and remember – what gets measured gets managed. Track your performance and adjust your strategy as needed.

We recommend using a social media scheduling tool, like Later, so that you can easily plan your content calendar ahead of time. This will make implementation take up less time that it would manually posting everything.

Be sure to update your bio link regularly if you’re running promotions.

In our experience, we also know that social is a media hungry marketing channel. So book some time with a professional photographer/videographer to collect content in bulk that you can schedule out over time.

Conclusion: Social Media Techniques for Higher Rankings

Social media techniques for higher rankings is less about driving direct sales from social, and is more about creating an engaging environment that search engines can pick up on.

Experiment, analyze, and adapt these techniques as you move forward in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Focus on creating engaging content, and finding synergy between your website content and social.

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