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Time-tested Ways To Improve Your B2B Marketing Strategy

B2B Marketing Strategies

The marketing and digital landscape has significantly evolved over the years. It has become imperative for businesses to stay on top of the recent trends and continuously adapt their strategies or face disruption.

All businesses in this era, especially B2B businesses, will have to step up their marketing game to stay relevant and continue to make a profit. In this article, you’ll discover five ways to upgrade your marketing plan.

Five Ways To Improve Your Marketing Plan

1. Use Live Videos

Research conducted by Livestream discovered that 80% of people chose live videos over blog posts even from their favorite brands. It also showed that 82% of people prefer live videos to social media posts. 

You can notice this trend when you carefully observe how most businesses promote their brands on social media. Videos have become an important marketing tool and also a significant part of our daily lives. 

Videos are excellent tools for communicating emotions, and that is why people relate to them more than blog posts and other types of content. Incorporate live videos in your marketing plan to help your audience relate to your brand. Before you start creating videos make sure you have a professional logo in place that speaks to your target audience. If you don’t try a free logo design application like Logo Creator and gather feedback from friends and family before finalizing. 

2. Brand Storytelling

One of the significant goals of marketing is to make your voice heard by your target audience. For B2B businesses, even though your goal is to sell to other companies, you are selling to people, the people who run those businesses. People are not robots devoid of feelings; you’ll have to connect with them on a personal level.

Storytelling is a powerful strategy that many successful brands have used to build strong, personal connections with their audiences. Storytelling aims to help your audiences identify with you as a human being and let them know the brand’s personality. 

Storytelling is critical if you want to reach millennials as they are the most challenging group to win over. Accenture discovered that millennials have to form an emotional connection before they can relate to a brand. Storytelling is what enables you to create that connection.

3. Employee Advocacy

No one knows you or your products and services better than your employees. You can leverage your employees to spread the word about your business to other people. 

With advocacy tools such as Smarp, you can create advocacy programs for your employees that will enable them to market your brand on social media.

To encourage more employees to join the program, you can also set up reward systems for the best advocate. In this video, Amber Armstrong, IBM’s Director of Digital, Social, and Influencers, talks about this program in detail.

4. Influencer Marketing

Regardless of what you believe, influencers can be a resourceful tool in your B2B marketing plan. This is because they are the best people to instill trust in the minds of your target audience. They are the ones who can help people trust your brand

Your audience needs to be assured that your products or services work and are reliable. People will always want to know that they are not wasting their money on another brand that fails to deliver.

When a well-known influencer in their niche recommends your brand, they automatically believe in your brand’s credibility are more likely to trust you. Here’s a resource created by LinkedIn that shows how they used influencer marketing to their advantage: The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn

5. Mobile-Friendly Content

 In 2017, 50.3% of global web traffic was generated from mobile devices. It shows that if creating mobile-friendly content is not in your marketing plan, you’re leaving tons of money on the table.  

Most of your target audience is always on the go. Mobile phones and tablets are the most popular tools they use to consume content.

To create a successful B2B marketing plan, you must ensure that your content and websites are mobile-friendly. They also have to be readable with links and buttons attached to them. 


The world has gone fully digital with more technological advancements to come. It would be best to keep adopting new marketing strategies like the ones listed above to enable you to remain relevant to your audience. For free logo designs for your business, visit

Article Credit: Belinda Santiago

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