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Built on Relationships

Referral Program

Earn cash back, luxury items, private event access, and relaxing weekend getaways when you refer business to Dritschler Media.

How it Works

Other agencies run massive advertising campaigns.
Honestly, we do a little bit of that…

However, we would rather see that cash go towards rewarding our clients for referring business to us.

If you refer a client who purchases a monthly recurring service with no contract, upon receipt of their third payment you will receive the amount of their recurring purchase as credit towards your service.

Refer any number of clients totalling $100k or more in annual revenue within one calendar year, and we will award the individual who made the referral 10% of the total revenue received. You have the option of luxury gifts, event access, an all expense paid weekend getaway, and the remaining difference in cash.

Referrals reset every calendar year.

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