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Music Artist Creates Album Cover Using Open AI

BLACKCLOUDS teased his first ever music album cover on his instagram feed. The intriguing image was generated with Open AI’s DALL-E 2. BLACKCLOUDS used prompts from his soon-to-be released music lyrics to generate the image.

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AI Music Album Cover for “Should Be Dead”.

It’s amazing to see how far AI technology has come. Very few mainstream artists have released album cover art generated by AI, the first being Lil Yachty on 1/27 when he released his latest album “Lets Start Here.”

While there are a lot of smaller artists using AI in the production of their album cover art, we have yet to see anything as photorealistic as BLACKCLOUDS upcoming release.

The image is a reflection of both BLACKCLOUDS inner self and his music in visual form.

The exact prompt used to generate the art from DALL-E 2 is unknown, but we do know that it took hundreds of attempts and prompt variations to generate the image shown.

The album is scheduled to be released on 04/07/2023, and is rumored to be followed by more album art for different album variations.

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