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Marketing Methods That Have Withstood the Test of Time

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While online marketing methods have grown (and continue to grow at a rapid pace), that’s not to say that all forms of more traditional marketing have fallen by the wayside. And while certain types of digital marketing methods have certainly taken the lead in some areas due to the technological age we now live in, there are other types of more traditional marketing methods that are more effective than ever. Let’s find out what these are and why they are still going strong.


Smartly designed billboards that are strategically placed in high traffic areas continue to be a highly effective way of communicating your message to a large audience. Moreover, according to research, people still observe and show a keen interest in marketing messages that are displayed on a billboard as they make their way to work, for example. Furthermore, many billboards now integrate digital components that make them even more appealing in the digital age.


Interestingly, flyers are also a powerful marketing tool that can help capture the attention of your audience almost immediately. When done well, brand representatives handing out flyers can help to communicate your message timeously, as well as help to establish that all-important face-to-face connection with your target audience that can sometimes be lacking with other forms of online marketing.

Furthermore, print advertising such as flyers or print ads, for example, can be incorporated with email marketing. However, instead of sending multiple PDF attachments in your emails, make sure you combine PDFs into one file to make these emails easier to manage. Not only will you only have a single file to send out, but these PDFs will retain the image quality of your original documents. 


While telemarketing is not as popular as it used to be, it is still effective in today’s day and age. Furthermore, telemarketing can potentially reach a wider audience than other forms of marketing, simply because it includes those that are digitally savvy and those that aren’t. Again, it comes down to choosing a marketing message that suits your target audience. Telemarketing also provides instant marketing results – either people are interested or they’re not. And if they’re not, pivoting onwards in a new direction can be a huge time and money saver as you seek to dial in on those customers that are clearly interested in your offering.

Ways to communicate your message effectively

Depending on which marketing method you decide to go with, whether traditional or digital, all modes of effective marketing have one thing in common – a well-thought marketing message that is distinct enough to stand out in the crowd, including:

Create a catchy slogan

Creating a catchy slogan that will remain in the minds of your audience long after they have read it is one way of distinguishing your brand from others. Tips in creating a standout slogan include: maintaining clarity in your message, speaking to your audience rather than at your audience, including your logo to enhance brand recognition, and even including a dash of humor where appropriate.

Creating unbeatable offers and discounts

Creating unbeatable offers and discounts on select offerings is one way to enhance your marketing efforts, especially if the customer perceives value in the offer. Take, Black Friday, for example, which is a much-anticipated event that consumers look forward to with the hopes of getting a discounted deal on their favorite product or service.

In summary, marketing is so diverse that many methods may work for you – traditional and new. Furthermore, if you thought digital is the only way to achieve your marketing objectives, you may want to rethink your marketing strategy to include traditional marketing too. 

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