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Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Worth It?

Debating on whether or not you should invest your time, energy, and resources into SEO?

We’ll show you some real-life examples of how SEO radically improved some businesses and did absolutely nothing for others. Then we’ll break down why some were successful and others were not.

Is SEO Worth It?

Yes, SEO is worth investing in if you want your website or business to be found by more people.

SEO is only not worth it if you do not care about more people finding your website, or if you do not invest an appropriate amount considering your needs, goals, expectations, and competition.

Examples of How SEO Improved Businesses

We provide SEO services for businesses all across the world, and we’ve been doing so for nearly a decade as of writing this post. Learning a thing or two along the way, we hope these real-world examples guide you in making your decision and aid you in determining how you should approach SEO.

Examples of SEO Being Worth It

Zen Dog Pet Spa — Local SEO Essential Package — 6-8 months

In month 1, we built them a new Squarespace website (they didn’t have a website before).
Within 6 months the dog groomer went from having an unfilled schedule with only local clientele, to ranking #1 for dog grooming within a 10-city radius in DFW.
They bought a mobile grooming van to accommodate the demand, and were able to hire multiple employees.
By month 8, they were ranking #1-3 for “mobile dog groomer” and related search terms in the same area.
The competition for their industry in the local DFW marketplace was low, no other dog groomers were investing in SEO at the time.

Platinum Auto Glass — Local SEO Essential Package — 6 months

In month 1, we built them a brand new Squarespace website (just like with Zen Dog Pet Spa).
Within 6 months we had them ranking #1 for “windshield replacement”, and other related terms, within a 3 city radius.
We were able to outrank the franchise and national competitors by focusing on a local SEO strategy.
The competition in their marketplace was higher than average, but no other windshield replacement companies were investing specifially in Local SEO at the time.

DFW Neuropathy — Organic SEO Package — 12 months

In month 1, we built them a brand new Squarespace website (just like with Zen Dog Pet Spa).
Within 6 months we had them ranking on the first page of google for local search terms, but no major traffic improvements.
By month 8 we were able to rank #1 for “neuropathy clinic”, and other related terms, in the local DFW marketplace.
At month 12 we achieved global #1-3 rankings for a variety of neuropathy related search terms, driving tens of thousands of people to their site weekly.
New patients from Google Search increased by over 600%, and SEO outperformed all other marketing channels for a fraction of the cost.
There was active competition in the marketplace, difficulty ratings were high and budget was average. So results took longer (12 months).

Seamule — Organic SEO Package — 4 months

In month 1, we completed our 55 step technical SEO process on their entire Shopify site.
Within 4 months we had them ranking #1 nationally for multiple keywords related to their products.
We were able to outrank the big box stores and national competitors.

ROI Calculation:
$1000/mo for 4 months
Sales Generated from Google Search = $74,000
50% assumed margin.
$37,000 net profit ÷ $4,000 total investment x 100
ROI = 925%

What Went Right?

Each of these businesses invested in SEO with an appropriate budget considering the competition, and for adequate time to realize the benefits of their investment in SEO.

They also followed the recommended SEO strategy and budget.

By investing appropriately and following expert recommendations, SEO radically improved these businesses and became the #1 marketing channel for generating new customers.

Examples of SEO Not Being Worth It

Himeh Construction — SEO Jumpstart

In month 1, we built them a new Squarespace website (they didn’t have a website before).
We completed our 55 step technical SEO process for the entire website.
Indexed on Google, and we provided them with a list of recommended things to do to improve SEO to get found by more customers.
They did not execute the recommendations provided.
6 months later they only rank for their name, and zero customers find them through search.

DTX Roofing — Local SEO Essential Package — 12 months

In month 1, we re-designed their website to improve UX and SEO.
Competition was extremely high, and the top players in the marketplace were investing more in SEO than DTX Roofing was.
We were able to get the site to rank within a 3 city radius, but only on the second page of Google.
At month 12, SEO traction was trending positive and we acheived some first page rankings, but then they re-designed their site with another company.
After the new site was live, DTX Roofing stopped investing in SEO with us.
SEO continued trending up for a few months, for the keywords we were targeting, but then rapidly declined.

Indigo Scientific — Organic SEO Package — 2 months

In month 1, we implemented our 55 step technical SEO process and started the organic SEO process.
In month 2 we saw some positive traction, but nothing impactful (which is to be expected).
They stopped investing in SEO after month 2.

Beadiful Baby — Organic SEO Package — 1 month

They had just switched to a new website, and their rankings had completely tanked (over 18,500 lost rankings).
We were hired to save what SEO rankings we could, but with a small budget.
In month 1: we completed our 55 step technical SEO process on their entire new WordPress website, re-created some old site pages, created structure for the client to work alongside our team and double the efforts, and resolved over 3,200 indexing issues that the site now currently ranks for.
However, the old site has over 15,000 remaining indexing issues and the budget was not enough to accomadate the needs of a full website recovery in one month.
The stopped investing in SEO after month 1.

What Went Wrong?

These businesses either took a gamble on SEO to save their business in a last-ditch effort, they did not follow the recommended budget given the competition, or follow our expert’s recommendations.

SEO is a long-term investment. While there are some short-term solutions for specific needs, attaining positive ROI from SEO takes time and effort.

Should You Invest in SEO?

If you want to turn your website into an asset that generates revenue, you should invest in SEO.

The real question is… just how much should you invest?

You need to have an expert examine the competition, your goals, and website needs in order to at least determine a minimum spend on SEO. After that, it’s up to you to decide the exact amount.

You should not invest in SEO if you can’t afford to spend for at least 6-12 months before realizing any ROI. We believe you should always avoid risk where you can’t afford it, and take it where you can afford it.

If you plan on hiring someone to work on your SEO there is a price associated with it. If you can’t afford it, work on generating business from other sources first. Invest in SEO when you can afford it because, with the right strategy, it can radically improve your business.

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