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How to Start Social Media for your Business (Works for All Types)

The importance of social media for any business has become undeniable as brands are seeing lower conversion rates from marketing efforts leading into 2024.

This means that your business needs to get more views than ever before in order to generate a sale from social.

Additionally, social media has become more competitive in recent years. Gone are the days of posting a single image to your instagram feed. It seems like no matter how you look at things, social media has become an intimidating endeavor or most businesses, with many simply opting to not get involved at all.

However, we’ve been doing this a long time…

Leveraging our experience with managing social media for both brands and influencers alike, let’s break down our strategies for how any business can get started on social media and see some real growth!

Establish a Content Strategy

Establishing a content strategy is the most important step in the entire process besides actually creating the content.

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