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How to Edit a Zoom Recording in Simple Steps

The pandemic has changed the way people and companies operate. With the pandemic looming on our society, companies have changed their way of operation.

A staple software for remote workers and business owners, Zoom has become a go-to tool for meetings and, as a result, to market your business.

Known for its online meetings and conference calls, Zoom is an extremely popular conference tool. Using Zoom, you can record conferences, calls, and meetings. Professionals and students who are looking for past calls can make use of this feature.

However, is it possible to edit a Zoom recording? Let’s explore.

how to edit zoom recordings

Zoom Recordings: Where to Find Them

The Zoom recorder can be used locally or in the cloud by paid Zoom users, whereas the Zoom recorder can be used only locally by free Zoom users. 

The process is the same regardless of whether you are using Windows, Mac, or Linux. Here are the instructions for finding a cloud-based Zoom recording: 

  1. Log in to your Zoom account
  2. Navigate to the Recordings section
  3. The Cloud Recordings tab will display a list of recordings you have stored in the cloud
  4. Your recording can be found by searching for dates, hosts, meeting IDs, keywords, or topics

Are Zoom Recordings Editable?

Zoom was developed to reduce the headache of people and takes inspiration from different online conferencing apps without the downsides. Zoom guarantees a steady, fast connection without lagging and is more effective than older platforms.

You’ll need an online professional video editor if you are looking to edit some of your precious Zoom recordings and make the operation tireless.

Zoom Recordings: Why Should They Be Edited?

The entertainment industry and professional settings use Zoom recordings extensively. Whether it’s a webinar or a podcast, Zoom can record it all. You’ll want to cut out unnecessary segments from your recording and add effects to create something unique. 

The Zoom recording system is used in a variety of ways by professionals and content creators. 

A Communication System

If your organization or company uses Zoom software, it is possible to record a message. Zoom is so widely used in business and education that sharing a video via an email link makes it easy for people to access your recording. 

To make sure they can see and hear you, edit sections that are not relevant and clean up your audio and video before sending your communication. 

Minutes of The Meeting

Video meetings can be conducted using Zoom. Business professionals looking for success in their small businesses can make meeting notes directly on their videos using video editing software. 

Adding text to videos and recording meeting attendees will help you keep track of all meeting information in a single place. 

Content for Online Video

As a free service, Zoom is frequently used for creating content for YouTube and other streaming services. To add features such as outros, intros, as well as soundtracks to Zoom recordings, you will need to edit them. 

You won’t get the same level of professionalism with raw Zoom video files if you use video editing software. 

Zoom Recording Editing Techniques

Creating Zoom recordings that are optimized for YouTube and other social media platforms can be accomplished by reducing them to the desired length and customizing them. Here is a guide to editing Zoom recordings to improve them. 

Video Cut and Trim

It is a well-known fact that content creators usually film much more than they end up using. Most videos will need to be cut or trimmed because your co-host will go off on a tangent, or your guest will tell a long-winded story.

 A clear story can be told by trimming off irreverent bits.  

Enhance Audio and Video Quality

You will always have background noise in your audio, no matter what you do to control it. Irrelevant noises, as well as hisses and pops, can be removed using an online video editor. 

Besides trimming the beginning and end of your video, editing programs allow you to make more advanced edits. 

Intro and Outro Should Be Added

You will need an intro and outro to make a podcast or streamable video. 

Zoom doesn’t allow you to add this type of effect, but almost all video editing programs allow you to customize your intro and outro.  

Subtitles Must Be Added

You can reach a broader audience by adding subtitles to your video content. 

If your content includes subtitles, those with hearing impairments or who don’t speak English as their first language will still be able to engage with it. 

Embrace Your Brand with A Branded Frame

What is your social media strategy? Videos can be branded with branded frames in video editing software, so viewers know who they’re watching. 

Additionally, branded frames can be used to deliver paid ads if you monetize your podcast content. 

Adding a Logo

Many online video creators display their logos in the corner of their videos if you stream them online. Zoom won’t let you do this, but any online video editor can let you add a logo with just a few clicks. 

Is It Possible to Edit a Zoom Local Recording?

Video content can be clipped at the start and end of local recordings with Zoom’s clipping feature. 

You can also record audio and video separately with Zoom. Your recordings will be saved as an MP4 file. If you record with Zoom and then edit your audio and video files later, you have more control over what you record. 

With Zoom’s trimming feature, you can edit the length of a video: 

  1. Log in to your Zoom account
  2. Navigate to the left navigation menu and select Recordings
  3. You can edit a recording by locating it and selecting it
  4. You can play your recording by clicking on its thumbnail
  5. You will be able to view and edit videos
  6. If you click the scissors icon in the bottom right corner, you can cut the viewing screen
  7. The progress bar on the right of the screen shows you how to begin and end the recording
  8. Save the file

Is It Possible to Edit Zoom Recordings in The Cloud?

Using Zoom’s cloud storage, you can edit recordings in the same way as you would do on your local computer. 

To make any other type of edit, you’ll need a video editing program since Zoom’s trimming feature only allows you to trim from the beginning and end of video files.

Wrap Up

You probably use Zoom a lot if you work from home. Zoom recordings are often filled with valuable information you don’t want to lose, whether for training a new employee or sharing performance updates with your team. 

For success as a small business, it is important to have records to which you can refer. And when these records are neatly edited, they will be easier to listen to and refer to.

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