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Customer Relationships

As a business, exposure is how people will know you exist and without social media, a business may never get the exposure it needs. Think about it, social media is where the majority of potential customer relationships are waiting to be had, therefore it is necessary. 

Customer Relationships

COOL, now you’re on social media but how do you gain followers, get sales, and keep people engaged? By creating an online community through organic growth by focusing on customer relationships. Consumers need to have an incentive to continue to follow your account and spam including graphics is not going to do it. 

Social media is meant to build customer relationships and provide entertainment. The brands with the most engagement and followers don’t always give the customer a feeling that they have to purchase something but more of a community feeling. Building a customer relationship between sales, promotions, and advertising is not valuable.  The goal is to “accomplish a balance between branding, sales, and customer relationships on every social media platform”. 

There are many ways to create and maintain customer relationships on social media. Using Instagram live, posting pictures of employees, commenting back, sharing customer feedback, etc. All of this is part of creating a well-executed social media strategy. A strategy that can be changed throughout the process to ensure that it is always effective.

Customer Relationships

A good executed social media strategy allows for a business to:

  • Increase Brand Awareness: A business is able to be recognized and thought of in given circumstances. What is the first brand that comes to mind when you think of shoes? Maybe it’s Adidas or Steve Madden. Either way, people identify with a brand and you can achieve that through customer relationships onsocial media.
  • Build Brand Equity: What makes your product or service preferable over others? Is it the fact that a percentage of your sales go to a charity or because it’s just better? This can be showcased and shared on social media.
  • Enhance Customer Service: The more involved a business is on social media, the more customers will be willing to engage. A good customer relationship allows a consumer to feel comfortable reaching out to the business and creating that online community. 
  • Enhance Customer Loyalty: Keep them coming back! The online community and strong customer relationship make it easy for consumers to stay connected and find out what is coming next.
  • Create New Customers Organically: On social media, it is extremely easy for people to share what your business is up to and get others to join the ‘hype’.
  • Prevent Negative Reviews: Social media can also keep the business in the loop. If a business wants to know what their customers like or don’t like, they can find out. Viewing comments and building a strong customer relationship allows negative reviews to be kept at a minimum.

A customer relationship is built on trust. If a business is able to provide a customer with that feeling then they are likely to stick around. Every business should be active on social media and it makes a big difference when a business creates an online community. It is more personable and accepting for customers and potential customers. Don’t focus exclusively on sales, build valuable customer relationships, and sales will come. 

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