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4 Ways To Get Quick Orders On Your Site Using WordPress Plugins

Get more orders on WordPress website

Even in the midst of a pandemic, there are opportunities to continue doing business under coercion and volunteerism. Managing an online system is one of the best ways to do this.

A good and reliable online system will help you meet the challenges ahead. These simple changes will better prepare your small business to withstand both the upcoming storm and future crises.

Here are 4 ways to get quick orders on your site using WordPress plugins.

Way #1. Creating an order form with an online payment option

Once you’ve installed WPForms, you’re ready to make a form and connect it to your gateway.

In your WordPress Admin Panel, click WPForms> Add New. On the Form Maker Settings screen, enter a name for the form and select the Billing / Ordering template.

Scroll down to the product section to add products customers can order using the form. Add a title for each product, choose a price, and add a photo for each product. Include any items required for online instructions such as name and address, phone number, or email address. Click Save.

WPForms will automatically send all orders to your invalid email address for any form you add to your site. You can also set it up to send your small business and customers to multiple addresses to confirm orders.

Confirmation messages will be displayed to customers after the order form is submitted. You can now link your order form and payment method that your customers order online and receive payment online. WPForms with PayPal and Stripe, choose what you want to use before proceeding.

Way #2. Add a Bulk Order Form

Do your customers often place large orders? Give them a quick charge for a swift and efficient purchase!

The WooCommerce Quick Order plugin is an efficient yet straightforward ordering system on your website that allows users to search for the products they want to buy, enter the quantity they need, and place an order — all quickly and efficiently.

Your customers don’t need to search extensive data or visit multiple pages with a fast order extension. They can submit instructions from the same page, all from the same search bar.

Think about how you can increase your conversion rate? You can meet buyers’ demands and help you make more purchases!

Ideal for high-rise B2B stores and large B2C stores. This plugin is a must for B2B retailers, where your customers often want to place large orders and don’t want to waste time. To analyze large data sets. It is also great for grocery stores, pet stores, libraries, office supplies, and more.

Way #3. Use Countdown Timer Plugin for Exclusive Offers

Buyers love the deal – something that has never changed! So attracting them with special offers is usually a good idea. You want to tempt them to place orders directly through your website or submit or push and collect the app, rather than installing other components, where you lose most of your order because of resources. Their high commissions (along with other negative consequences for your business).

Following online guidelines needs to be effective at all stages of the process. You want to avoid adverse problems or side effects with the packaging of your products.

Therefore, your packaging should provide quality, good performance, and protection from damage. It should also be specially designed to reflect your brand positively.

You may also want to consider adding a digital loyalty program. You can find many options online – just choose the one that best suits your needs and budget. A simple computer program related to your online order is a great way to encourage repeat visits and customer loyalty.

Once you find it, you want to share it anywhere: on a website, on social media, on marketing websites, and through digital ads. Build trusted ambassadors and take orders online.

Way #4. Allow Regular Customers To Reorder Quickly

In today’s world, order online needs to be quick and easy. Providing a better user experience and simplifying the process will benefit your customer and, ultimately you.

Based on the customer experience, you can create a “Like” section for your products or services. Or save their notes for quick reference. This means they can change their interests in seconds with just a few taps. This is an effective way to get the customers you want quickly, helping them generate orders.

Online marketing tools such as Google Ads and social media can successfully target your customers at the right time and place.

This often ensures a high value for money and a high return on investment in the form of increased sales. For example, Google and Facebook Ads uses customers data to help them find your business quickly through a search engine.

Due to data protection laws, the collection of personal contact information has become a significant challenge for businesses in recent years. You have to be careful when you follow the rules. One of the most innovative solutions to this problem is to provide consumers with information in-store and online.

Not only do you get free destination information, but you can also ask customers for permission to access your contact information. These data can be fundamental in future digital market activities.


Building reliable, efficient, and easy-to-manage online stores are one of the best ways for any small business to get out of this tedious time and prepare for the future while maintaining a good overall picture.

Stay tuned for news and product review requests. This is not because you have placed a ready-made order. After receiving your order, you are advised to email and ask us to familiarize you with the product.

You can automate this process from your control panel, and it will automatically send you an email X days after you place your order. Product reviews can help increase your conversion rates by adding social proof.

You’ll find that by integrating some of these plugins to your online store and ordering process, you can increase your online orders in less time.

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